Is This The Realest Artwork Of All Time?

"The purest form of art is one that cannot be distinguished as art."

That's a quote that I that I thought I once heard but I don't actually know if I said that correctly because I can't find it when I google it.

For this blog's sake, let's just pretend that it's true.

Now, take a look at our subject.

Actual real life cupcake

Actual real life cupcake

An expertly crafted cupcake with an absurd amount of frosting on it. Like enough to make you throw up if you eat it.

But damn does this look good. So good that there were two confirmed bite attempts made on this cupcake. 2!

That's two targeted towards the frosting and one where the wrapper preserves the cake portion.

There are two possible answers to the fact that two attempts were made to eat this paper cupcake.

1) My son (or my son and one of his friends) were so hungry that they thought this shit was actually real. So hungry that two bites were taken in succession as if one bite didn't quite signal to the brain that this wasn't actually real food. Hunger is like a hallucinogenic sometimes and your brain will play tricks on make you take two bites of a paper cupcake before you realize it isn't a real cupcake.

2) My son is the greatest artist of all time. To be fair, his teacher drew the lines for the cupcake. But my baby boy put that green paint on there that tricked his brain into thinking this was a real cupcake. You'll notice that both bites came from green painted areas.

Conclusion) Is there really a doubt here? I'm a dad. My son is the greatest artist and human being on the planet. He's a legit savant in the arts and was able to outsmart his own big brain into thinking he needs to eat this delicious cupcake. Matter of fact, I'm thinking it might be real now too.

See the small bite on the right for research purposes

See the small bite on the right for research purposes

Nope...that shit's paper.

No matter, I'll go buy a real cupcake and I'll keep supporting the hell out of my son's new found love of art.