Fix Your Neck So You Can Play With Your Damn Kids More

It doesn't matter who you are or how old your kids are. If you have a child, your neck fucking hurts. Period.

It's like the second that kid pops out, your neck immediately says, "that's it, I'm going to give you yet another reason to bitch and moan about your life every single day until you die."

Well, the relief is here. THIS bad boy is here to make your life that much less miserable.

Not only does it have pump up in the palm of your hand, but it also has that awkward dadget look that only products for us can deliver.

I mean, look at the "cash me outside" girl. If she can enjoy this lovely product, then we all can.

Girl not getting cashed outside.

Girl not getting cashed outside.

Dad's do yourself a favor and get this pinched nerve neck stretcher thingy. You'll love it, your kids will love you because you seem less miserable, and you can take awesome product shots for your Instagram feed.

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