If You're Still Using A Normal Ice Pack, There's A 1,000,000% Chance You're Still In Pain

As a dad who used to dabble in athletics, I have bad knees, a bad back, and occasional neck pains.

If you have a child and aren't completely in denial, then you're likely in the same boat as well. Our bodies just wear down faster, get sore quicker, and the pain tends to linger much longer than it used to.

Ice packs have therefore become our best friends. Not only are they a sneaky way to wake your ass up when you're tired, they also help hit the fast-forward button on the recovery process.

Unfortunately, you have to be a magician trying to get them to stay on while you're trying to multi-task or even move. You can ice and lay on your couch but that's about it.

Once your little maniac starts crawling, walking, running, wrestling, or doing anything other than just laying there like a blob, you are now virtually out of that quality lay on the couch time. You must mobilize your ice game in order to avoid being that sore/frustrated/old man.

Luckily, this ice pack called Paincakes is here to save your mobility and your mood.

I bought these a few months ago and they sat in the freezer until my mom was recently in town. Big mistake on my part.

She has recently been told she has arthritis in her lower back and was on a vigorous icing schedule. Even though she could legit barely walk, my three-year-old son (her grandson) gave zero fucks about her icing schedule.

She tested out the paincakes and they not only allowed her to keep up with him, but she also said the paincakes got rid of her pain better than any ice pack she has ever used. Better than a bag of ice, better than a bag of peas, better than all that shit. This is coming from someone with arthritis for crying out loud. I was impressed and had to try it out.

What's great about these is that it has a self-adhesive on it so the ice pack sticks to your body. You mold it, stick it on, and then you're good to go...and that shit stays on.

Fortunately, I didn't even need to use a new paincake because the adhesive is reusable. You stick it to your body, when you're done you cover it again, put it back in the freezer, and then that same one is ready to be reused like an hour later. Genius!

I used it on my swollen knee while she used hers on her back. Same result for both of us...it worked.


Big time shout out to Paincakes who is officially MFD Approved!