The Best Audiobooks For Dads That Aren't About Parenting

"Ahh...sips coffee...I just have so much time on my hands that I can lean back in this chair and crack open a good book", said no dad ever.

You have so little no time for yourself as a dad that you'll often lock the door to take extra long shits just so you can take a moment to breathe.

Thankfully, you can still get your knowledge on through the power of audiobooks.

I listen to audiobooks in the car (nerd alert), I listen to audiobooks at the gym (SUPER nerd alert), and I listen to audiobooks when I'm on planes as I take off and land since I don't have the internet (kind of a life hack nerd move).

Embrace the nerd life and get on these audiobooks, dads.

Here is the best part, I don't even listen to parenting books. Just cool shit that interests me and motivates me. are the best audiobooks for dads that aren't about parenting.

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone (Affiliate)

This book is all about getting motivated and doing ten times more than you're doing right now. You need to work ten times harder and be ten times better to really achieve your goals. Oh,  and your goals likely need to be ten times bigger for you to really make a dent in this world.

When you listen to this you'll enjoy the sweet southern drawl of Grant Cardone's voice and you'll be motivated to be a 10x better father than what you are right now. Step your game up, dad!

Brainfluence by Roger Dooley (Affiliate)

The reader isn't that captivating but the book is super interesting. Brainfluence is supposed to be about Neuromarketing and using it to persuade consumers to buy a product. What I took out of it is how do I present options to my child that will get him to go eat healthier, have fewer breakdowns, and make better choices.

The people who wrote this one have very big brains and the knowledge is useful to those who are raising their first child since they don't yet know the tricks of the trades.

Wait, What? And Life's Other Essential Questions by James E. Ryan (Affiliate)

You can't live your best life until you ask the right questions.

This one is a quick read (listen?) and it helps you ask all of the most important questions in life. If you are struggling to find the motivation to be an active dad or just want a little direction in your life. This is the PERFECT book for you.

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop (Affiliate)

Hands down the best reader on the list with his wirey Scottish accent, Gary John Bishop basically tells you to get out of your head and just start doing shit. You will get absolutely nowhere by staying still, having unrealistic expectations, and over-thinking.

Take action and do it now.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle (Affiliate)

A great book about talent hotbeds and investigating why people from certain areas are better at soccer, fighting, the arts, and more. My guess is LaVar Ball listened to this book and decided to kick this in to overdrive for his kids so they could make it to the NBA.

It teaches deep learning, muscle memory, and a different way of honing your skills to be better than everyone. A nice read for the competitive parent.


Here's the deal. There is no foolproof advice to being a good dad. These books should help motivate you to fun ways that you can engage with your kids and ultimately become a more driven person. If your kids see you succeed, they'll understand the value in it and want to succeed themselves. Go out there and read (listen) to something that is going to change your life!

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