Can Wine Condoms Help Teach Your Kids About Safe Sex?

Beats me...but it's worth a try.

If you're like my wife and I, you love to drink wine. It's a tasty treat after our four year old goes to bed and if you drink red wine you can pretend that you're being healthy.

Well, we recently stumbled upon these wine condoms as a way of providing an airtight seal for an opened bottle of wine.

I mean check out how cool this video is.

So here's the challenge. Can you use your love of wine (and now wine condoms) to teach your kids about the benefits of safe sex?

I think you can.

You can roll the condom on the wine bottle instead of a carrot or cucumber like they used to do in school, show that it provides a waterproof seal and keeps all of the liquid in, and even poke holes in the wine condom to show how one little hole can cause one big mess.

You might even get a little tipsy while you're utilizing this as a teachable moment and start to really get honest with your kids. Uh oh.

Step up your dad game with Wine Condoms available on Amazon Prime.