My Favorite Dad - Sunday, June 17th


Carl Millsap

Carl Millsap is our very first My Favorite Dad recipient. We have a very heartfelt story about Carl that we'll share for you below. If you'd like to submit a father to be recognized as My Favorite Dad, please send an email with a photo/video and write up as to why they should be selected to content@madefordad OR direct message us on social media. And now Carl's story.

At birth, his mother was a mere 18 years old while his father was only 20. His dad was a farmer in a poor community in Southern Iowa. Their marriage didn't last long as his mother left his father to move to the big city of Kansas City. She took Carl with her but had a hard time making ends meet. Occasionally she would lock him in the basement when she worked claiming the men that came over didn't want to see a young child standing around. His grandmother found out about this and moved Carl to live with her in Des Moines. As a teenager he went back to the farm to live with his father, his new wife and their children.

His father and new wife were wonderful parents but couldn't afford to pay for him to go to college. Therefore, he put himself through college and received a PHD in Education. Eventually he went on to becoming a school teacher, football coach, and later a principal of a junior high school before his retirement

Carl also served in both the Korean War and WWII and worked his way up to Captain in the Navy.

As a father, he instilled honesty and hard work in all his children. He also taught loyalty to your family and led by example. His mother didn't have much contact with him as he grew into a man and had his own family. But when she got sick and wasn't able to function on her own, he hired caregivers and then helped pay for the nursing home. He would drive his children an hour and a half to visit her every couple of weeks in the nursing home. Then get ice cream and visit their grandfather and grandmother on the farm.

He was the baseball coach for both his son's from their start to the finish of little league. Making it a mission to improve the conditions for all children in that baseball system, he eventually became the Urbandale League President and helped with fundraising events to build a new field.

Carl would sit for hours and help his daughter with her chemistry homework at night. He even had the time to edit school research papers.

What makes him even more special is that when his children started having children, he was always there for advice. When his daughter mentioned she was worried she couldn't afford to put her two children through college (since she was a single mom and didn't have any money for college), he replied by saying not to worry and that both children would get lots of scholarships due to their talents and their good grades. Turns out he was right about college. 

Carl has unfortunately passed away but his legacy lives on and his family believes that he continues to advise them. His granddaughter received her PHD (just like him) and his grandson was given the middle name Carl in the hopes he'll be wise, strong and as good of a father to his children as Carl was to his.

It is with great pleasure that we honor him as the very first recipient of the My Favorite Dad Award.

Congratulations Carl and thank you to Sally Briggs for the submission.