My Favorite Dad - Sunday, June 24th


Charles Melshenker

This week's My Favorite Dad recipient goes to Charles Melshenker in Los Angeles, CA.

Charles is a Marine veteran who served as a corporal.

He is married to a lovely woman named Vanessa and they have a one and a half year old daughter named Penny (also pictured).

Charles is the type of guy that does all that he can to improve upon his current state and the state of his family.

Commuting an hour and a half each way to his main job while holding down multiple side hustles, his relentless pursuit as a provider is astounding.

From working at a grocery store to an office manager to one of the top performing sales executives at his company, he continues move up the ranks and show that hard work does indeed pay off.

At home, he makes the most of his time with his family by simply being there to educate his daughter and watch her grow.

Congratulations Chuck on being this week's My Favorite Dad recipient.