My Favorite Dad - Monday, July 2nd

Tyrone is our next My Favorite Dad and a true role model for all fathers out there.

Tyrone embraces the grind and knows there are no shortcuts in life. He also has the relentless drive to finish what he's started. Whether it's a fundraiser, his education, or a fitness challenge, he'll always compete to complete.

Losing his own father at a young age he had to learn the lessons and values of being a father from his mother, older sister, the community he grew up in, and his friends.

Yet another military man, Tyrone served in the Calvary in the Army.

Outside of his dedication to his family and his career as a student resource officer, Tyrone finds time to volunteer as a Big Brother and further his education through the Masters program in Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University.

He is father to a son named Harrison and married to a lovely woman named Molly. Somehow she convinced him to move to Manhattan, Kansas and root for the Kansas State Wildcats. :-(

Incredibly, he still finds time to be one of the biggest Kansas City Chiefs fans on the planet and make it back to Kansas City to see his family and child hood friends on a regular basis.

Thank you Tyrone for showing us all how to be a good person and a great father and we are excited to honor you as this week's My Favorite Dad.