My Favorite Dad - Monday, July 9th

This week's My Favorite Dad hails from the great state of Colorado.

Ryan Mathisen is the co-owner of Colorado Insurance. One of the largest insurance agencies in the entire state. He has also helped launch two of the largest growth divisions within the company via their Arizona branch and their commercial insurance division.

It's hard to believe that he's also married and is a father to three children (Max, Rhyan Marie, and Chuck). Where does he find the time?

Both Ryan and his wife Kami are working parents and as all working parents know, it's important to find the necessary balance of work/family/free time. These two could write the book on this though as their commitment to making time to step away from their busy careers and be present figures in their children's lives is a rare quality these days.

It's difficult to shut the work day off and really enjoy their family time when you're working so much but once you can do this, it helps establish priorities with your children so they know that throughout it all, they do indeed come first and there development is of most importance. Ryan knows that and continues to practice that.

He is the type of dad that breaks the old stigma of a work all day/have the wife take care of the kids dad.

He also MAKES time to spend quality moments with his wife. And this isn't just watching Netflix after the kids go to bed. These are things like day dates, dinners, and vacations. You have to make the time to do it or it will never get done. In a world where divorce is much more common than actually staying together, they have cracked the code to staying together in a healthy relationship and building that around things that they are passionate about. Family, Fun, and Business.

Congratulations on being this week's My Favorite Dad, Ryan Mathisen.