My Favorite Dad - Friday August 17th

Our next My Favorite Dad recipient has one of the most incredible backstories you'll ever hear.

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As you read about his story, it's important to remember that a father's love for his family is one of the most powerful forces out there. Our children look to us as a shining light that guides them into the world. We're their first choice and can set them on a path of positivity and perseverance or pessimism and peril.

Kenny "Clutch" Thomas is a husband, dancer, choreographer, and owner of the Level Dance Complex in Pennsauken Township, NJ.

Being a father of four, you'd think that as a dad, Kenny has seen it all. Well, not quite.

On June 19th, 2018 his one-year-old son Kristian was diagnosed with AMKL - Leukemia. This cancer was triggered by the fact that Kristian has a blood disorder because he was born with Trisomy 21 down syndrome.

Being told your one-year-old has leukemia has to be one of the most terrifying things you can imagine.

Some dads would leave it all up to the doctors, some dads would get depressed, and some dads would simply feel stuck in a swirl of anger and sorrow. But not Kenny Clutch.

He knew that Kristian was paying attention to how dad responded to a situation like this. To see where his father would guide him.

It's then when Kenny turned to something he knew and loved. Something Kristian has enjoyed seeing his father do since he was an infant. Dancing.

Making the drive daily from New Jersey to Philadelphia for Kristian's chemo treatments, Kenny began using the hospital as a place to practice his dances and make his son laugh. His laughter, smile, applause, and positivity are all things Kristian's going to need for the fight of his life.

As the days went by, Kenny kept dancing and kept his son smiling. Kenny has never doubted what the outcome will be and knows that his son will beat his cancer. Meanwhile, Kristian keeps watching and absorbing the path of positivity and perseverance from his father.

Kenny provided updates on Kristian's fight (as well as his dances) on Instagram to help deal with the pain they were both going through.

One video in particular skyrocketed with over 2.8 million views as Kenny showed Kristian how he dances to Ciara's Level Up.

All that fighting, positivity, and dancing would pay off. On August 1st, they found out that Kristian was officially in remission and they are one step closer to being fully healed. The next day, Ciara happened to show up to Kenny's Level Up Dance Complex to award him as the winner of the Level Up Challenge. An incredible week for Kenny, Kristian, and their family.

Kristian's fight continues as he goes through his second round of treatment in order to completely rid himself of his leukemia. We are with you!

Through the positivity, support, and his father's dancing, Kristian is going to win his fight!

Kenny - You deserve to be honored as My Favorite Dad. And we are inspired by Kristian's story.

Dads - Spend time with your kids, dance with them, and have fun with them. Together you can't lose.

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