My Favorite Dad - Friday, August 3rd

After a brief hiatus, the return of My Favorite Dad takes us to Chicago, Illinois where Mike O'Leary receives the honor.

Mike became the father of twins in 2015. However, earlier that year when his wife got pregnant, they were told by the doctor that they were having just one child. It wasn't until weeks later when they saw a different doctor and heard multiple heartbeats that they found out they were actually having twins.

How's that for a surprise?

Mike is a man who teaches by doing and embodies the quality of being a protector for his family.

A short while ago an intruder broke into their home and their car. While this intruder began collecting items to rob, he positioned Mike's bike as his getaway vehicle.

As the intruder made his way up to where the bedrooms are, the intruder opened the door to he and his wife's room. That was a BIG mistake.

Mike hopped out of bed and proceeded to chase the intruder down the stairs and out of their home!

Thankfully, nobody was harmed and only a few things were taken.

That's likely the last time that intruder ever thinks of stepping foot in their castle.

We are excited to honor a dad who instinctually protects his family and chases away the bad guys. A role that all dads must master.

Congratulations to Mike on being our latest My Favorite Dad.