Pool Day Has Arrived...Now Here Are Some Games

If you're like me, your kid(s) literally want to be at the pool for every waking moment of every day that they possibly can.

Hell, you probably do too but get beat down by playing the same pool game over and over again.

You know, the one where you throw something that sinks in the water and have your kids swim to find it and bring it to you...basically like fetch for kids that can swim.

Or the Marco Polo game where someone ends up cheating and gets out of the water or doesn't actually say Polo with the Marco gets close.

Good news awaits, dad, here are some fresh games to try so you can mix in a little variety to your pool life.


What a name, right?

You have to go gentle if you're "it" or let the group of kids play this one alone. This is a perfect game for the kid that just learned how to hold their breathe and they think they can practically live underwater.

It's like the game whack-a-mole.

The "it" stands in the center of the pool while the other kids surround him/her. The other kids will hold their breath under water and then pop up at random to get air while the "it" tries to whack them with the pool noodles. They bop up and down, make sounds, taunt, but eventually get tired and get whacked. The first kid to get whacked has to be it for the next round.

This is a game that is best played with at least four kids so you can surround the "it" on all sides and get them spinning around.

Wet Potato

This is hot potato for the pool...get it?

Ok it's not brain surgery but you basically have a ball that you throw around to a circled up group of kids in the pool. As you're throwing it, everyone is singing a well known verse from a song or kids nursery rhyme. When the verse/rhyme stops, the one who has the ball is out.

Last kid standing wins.

Duck Push

Kind of a genius game and super simple. Each kid has a rubber duckie in the pool. Their job is to swim and push the rubber duckie to the other side of the pool while only using their nose.

This is genius because it is guaranteed to get your kids tired and if there is only one child there, you can break out your stopwatch (cell phone) and time them.

The Chicken Fight

Everybody knows this game. Someone stands in the water with the water line around shoulder or chest level. Their teammate sits on their shoulders. Your team of two squares off against one or more teams of two as you try and knock your opponents down into the water. Last team standing wins.

This is no way looks like a chicken but for some reason the game is called the Chicken Fight. I think "person sitting on another person's shoulders in a fight against opposing two person stack" is a more appropriate name.

There are a few stipulations on this game though. Unfortunately it's not for everyone.

1) You probably can't be at a public pool because the pool Five O (Life Guards) will try and bring you down. This is best for those that have their own pool or who's friends have a pool.

2) Older kids only for this one. Don't get caught putting your two year old on your shoulders and having them get molly whopped in to the pool. Not a good look for you dad.

3) No punching or kicking. Unless you're actually gunning for the jerk neighbor kid to get some sweet justice for clogging your toilet, you should probably only allow pushing, hand wrestling, and splashing.

The Belly Flop Contest

This is where you separate the men from the boys. Get yourself a fair judge (that can be bought) and doesn't mind sun bathing tanning + watching children and man children smacking the water chest first. Jump as high as you can, stretch your body out, and don't bend your knees.

You can set up competitions for highest jump, loudest smack, or straightest landing.

The best part about this game is that if you lose, you actually win since you're in a lot less pain.