The Not So Subtle Way To Pie Your Kids In The Face

Ok so I know that I'm late to this craze, but the Pie Face! game is outstanding.

You instantly get a child who can't wait to get smacked in the face with whipped cream, the cleanup is pretty easy, you'll be laughing until your belly hurts, and it's actually a fun game.

Check out this extremely high-quality video of our son getting absolutely smoked below.

Now if that isn't high quality family entertainment, then I don't know what is.

I also think that this game has some sort of ultra advanced algorithm inside of it where dads and fatherly type figures don't get pied in the face as often as children and mothers.

My wife gets pie faced more than any human being on the face of the earth when she plays this game. So does my's great!

This is the perfect toy to spend time with your family and sling whip cream pies at your loved ones all in the name of good fun.

Make sure you pick one up HERE.

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